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Facts about Travel to Barbados

About Barbados

Journeys Thru Paradise is based in Barbados, the most easterly of the countries in the Caribbean island chain. Well-known worldwide as a tourist destination, Barbados is a tropical paradise that enjoys mild temperatures year-round as a result of the constant Trade Winds. Consistently ranked among the top countries in the world in Human Development, Barbados was ranked 37th in the world, and third in the Americas behind Canada and the United States in a report released in October of 2009. To learn more about Barbados, please visit the official site of the Barbados Tourism Authority

Barbados IMMIGRATION Notes

All persons entering Barbados are required to have proper and complete Proof of Citizenship documents with them.  The required document varies from country to country, so we suggest that you contact JTP well in advance of your group’s scheduled trip so that we may give you the correct and current requirements for your participant’s entry. 


Barbados CUSTOMS Notes

Please be aware that all persons arriving in Barbados must clear customs, and that there are definite regulations concerning what can and cannot be brought into the country.  We strongly recommend that you consult us before planning to bring or ship any group related materials to Barbados so that we can verify the entry requirements for these items with Customs Officials.  Should import licenses, stamp duties or excise taxes be required our Customs Broker can take the “headache” out of this for you.  It is imperative, however, that the shipment be forwarded to arrive in Barbados at least four (4) weeks prior to arrival.


When thinking about the number and/or type of vehicles you wish to reserve for your group, please be aware that most of the vehicles utilised on the island are made in either Japan or Korea.  This generally means that they are somewhat smaller in size and a bit less “roomy” than American or European made models.  Listed below is an overview of the licensed seating capacity and type of vehicles generally available along with our recommendation for actual “comfortable” seating capacities.